Bomb the system, with graffiti

Bomb the System is the title of a film that tells a story about graffiti artists in New York, and in doing so manages to show graffiti as a genuine and impermanent art form of the street. I have always wondered about the stories behind graffiti when I see them, but graffiti is also seen as vandalism by many, including the New York police squads that are in charge of ‘cleaning up’ the city. Thus, graffiti artists are also considered ‘vandals’ by the city, and their work removed as a part of the routine of ‘the system’, while the culture of graffiti recognizes itself as being inherently outside and in opposition to that system.

 Bomb the System is the first feature in over 20 years to delve into the world of graffiti art. The film, shot entirely on the streets of New York City, is the feature debut of 23-year-old writer/director Adam Bhala Lough.

[…] a cinematic poem dedicated to the art of graffiti, and to the city where it all began more than two decades ago […]

source: Bomb the System Official Website
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I really liked the raw cinematography of New York, and I was genuinely touched by the story. El-P is the underground hip hop producer and rapper from New York that is responsible for the music in the film.

[Photomedia Forum post by T.Neugebauer from Jul 21, 2015]