Third International Conference on the Image in partnership with the Polish Mediations Biennale 3: The Unknown – Nieznane

14-16 September 2012
Higher School of the Humanities and Journalism, Poznan, Poland

SPECIAL THEME: ‘The Thread to the Unknown’
Is the Unknown a construct? Can we actually construct the Unknown, and if so how do we do it? This conference aims to explore the boundaries of language, culture, scientific research, artistic production and images in relation to the Unknown, in order to think about the limits of science and the future of human society. (Full conference Themes may be found at

The 2012 conference is presented in partnership with the Polish Mediations Biennale 3: The Unknown – Nieznane.

Call-for-Papers for proposal submission guidelines and descriptions of sessions – Presenters may also choose to submit written papers for publication in the fully refereed International Journal of the Image.

Full details of the conference, including an online proposal submission form, may be found on the conference website at 

[Photomedia Forum post by T.Neugebauer from Feb 22, 2012 ]