Gabor Szilasi – The Eloquence of the Everyday, at McCord Museum in Montreal until February 6, 2011

Gabor Szilasi (b. Budapest, 1928) has created, over the course of the last 50 years, one of Canada’s most significant and influential bodies of photographic work, by documenting a society that is in constant flux.

The exhibition Gabor Szilasi – The Eloquence of the Everyday is comprised of portraits, domestic and commercial interiors, urban views of Montreal and Budapest, and images of rural Quebec, all contributing to the creation of an intricate social and historical record.

At the end of January, I attended a discussion featuring Szilasi,

 Conversation between photographers
Gabor Szilasi discusses photography with artists and friends in the field.

Gabor Szilasi at McCord Museum, January 27th ,2011 

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