Montreal International Jazz Festival 2006

The Montreal International Jazz Festival 2006, wraps up this Sunday, July 9th with a free performance by Goran Bregovic and his Wedding and Funeral Band.

I also went to the jazz festival on thursday to take a few photographs and listen to some wonderful music outdoors…

Sekouba Bambino from Guinea, a former member of Bembeya Jazz and Africando. The festival’s web site calls his voice reminiscient of Kouyaté Sory Kandia.

Seckou Keita Quartet

Goran Bregović

First North American tour, Goran Bregović and the wedding and funeral band put on an amazing concert for the closing of the festival

Next performance is tomorrow (July 10th), playing as part of the City of Chicago’s Music without Borders series.

Speaking of Bregović, Bijelo dugme has a song composed by Duško Trifunović, the lyrics are

ima neka tajna veza
za sve ljude zakon krut
njome covjek sebe veze
kada bira sebi put
sidro koje ladju cuva
da ne bude buri plijen
tone skupa sa tom ladjom
jer je ono dio nje
ima neka tajna veza
tajna veza za sve nas
ima neka tajna veza
tajna veza za sve nas

I would like to know the translation of this song… and a friend sent me one (thank you!) …

There is a secret connection
For all people law is harsh
People are bound with this connection
When they choose their way
Anchor which keeps the boat
Not to be the prey
Sinking together with this boat
Because they are connected together
There is a secret connection
Secret connection for all of us

[Edited from Photomedia Forum post by T.Neugebauer from July, 2006  ]