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Art Stock Exchange
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Author: tomasz
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Tomasz Neugebauer

PostPosted: Tue Jan 18, 2011 

   Art Stock Exchange

Art Exchange is a new centralized financial marketplace allowing the sale and purchase of undivided shares in works of art. Transactions are organized around a central order book for each work.

source: FAQ at

Paris-based A&F Markets allows investors to buy and sell shares in modern art pieces from the late 19th century onwards as they would any other commodity, with prices quoted on a public index. The investor is not a collector of art in that they do not own the entire artwork, but it does offer a new way of participation in the business side of art production.

Pierre Naquin, the 26-year-old French entrepreneur behind it, argued that new investors in the art world would be "reassured" by a marketplace that copied the financial mechanisms they were used to. He said: "Just because someone makes an investment in art, it doesn't mean they lose the emotional tie to the work. On the contrary, I think this will bring in new buyers, and allow people who can't afford to pay €100,000 for their own work to take part. We're actually opening up the market to art lovers."

source: Paris entrepreneur to launch art 'stock exchange'. The Guardian, available at:

The site provides details for the following two artworks:

A Sol LeWitt gouache/painting:

and a Francesco Vezzoli print:
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