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Saving Our Inboxes
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Author: eleven eleven


PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 

   Saving Our Inboxes

I realize that I have a slew too many e-mails in multiple accounts --several year's worth really--which on its own is pretty bulky, ridiculous, and annoying.

I just thought it was poor management/indexing skills on my end, but it turns out that cluttered inboxes are an ever-growing communal phenomenon!

According to the Email Charter, part of the problem is due to this fact:

The average time taken to respond to an email is greater, in aggregate, than the time it took to create.

This is counter-intuitive because it's quicker to read than to write. So you might assume a typical email takes a few minutes to write, but only a few seconds to read. However, five other factors are outweighing this.

Find out about the other factors at the official Email Charter website and/or on the FB page.
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