DNA Data Visualizations Generated with DDV Software (About / Download)

Human Chromosome: 
Pan troglodytes: 




May 2023:

Removed human chromosome 2-21 visualizations from live view, due to space limitations on the server, but the downloadable research dataset available at: https://dx.doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.33608 includes this and the other human chromosomes.

March 2020:

Added corona virus COVID-19 sequence

January 2018:

Updated DDV software for compatibility with latest versions of Firefox and Chrome (fixed Generate Skew button)

September 2016:

Updated DDV software for compatibility with Accession.Version and GI (see: NCBI is phasing out GI numbers )

Added Plant section: Carex siderosticta plastid

November 2015:
Archived these generated interfaces as a dataset at Zenodo

October 2015:
Added data size tooltips to links
October 2014:
Regenerated all interfaces with latest version of DDV. Updated interfaces now:


The visualizations were generated by: Tomasz Neugebauer (tomasz.neugebauer@concordia.ca), Concordia University Libraries, Concordia University
Collaboration for the biological aspects of the project: Éric Bordeleau; Vincent Burrus and Ryszard Brzezinski; Département de biologie; Faculté des Sciences; Université de Sherbrooke.