Welcome to the Photomedia BLOG

The FORUM on this site has been shut down, but my posts to the forum have been migrated/archived to this blog.  These posts are organized under the “Forum Archive” category, further classified by year of the post, and the original category, like “Film” or “Design“.  At the end of each post that was migrated over, there is a statement with the original date of the post, for example:

[Photomedia Forum post by T.Neugebauer from Feb 22, 2012 ]

The forum was initially created by customizing an early version of the open source phpBB software, around 2005. More than 12 years ago, web publishing/content management systems were still relatively new and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter were just beginning to come into existence.  The motivation for a Forum rather than a blog at that time was the possibility of managing discussion threads.  However, I ended up using the Forum as a blog more than a discussion Forum.  I’m making the transition official now, welcome to the Photomedia BLOG!